Our Solutions


When you choose Sharp Inventory Control, you become part of a network of businesses in the hospitality industry in Toronto that trust our transparency, technology and strategy to maximize your operations.

  • Expert inventory managers
  • Full venue consultation
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Free initial meet & quote
  • Fully customizable program
  • 100% customer satisfaction


Receive custom reporting for your business for your analytical needs, beneficial across all departments. Accurate and timely reporting will provide you with the confidence to make stronger business decisions and forecasts.

  • Customizable reports
  • Variance control
  • Comp/Spill Budgeting


Our pricing model is proven to save you money versus traditional inventory management methods. By outsourcing your inventory management to Sharp Inventory Control, you can focus on your business and what matters.

  • 3rd party audits
  • Maximize your profits


Sharp Inventory uses wireless scales, scanners and software that allows operators to log in to each venue and remotely check inventory stock, sales and various reports. All customized to your operational needs.

  • Off-site inventory
  • Bar & stockroom set up
  • Auto stock par
  • Manager meetings & staff training
  • Automated Ordering through App
  • App to manage invoices and transfers
  • Invoice storage online by distributor

We are official partners with WISK.

WISK is a restaurant and bar management software that lets you take faster inventory, place automated orders to your food and beverage suppliers, scan and take pictures of all your invoices, and reclaim lost profits from spillage and food waste. It all starts by integrating your POS with WISK with one click.


WISK food

✔ Take food inventory 80% faster
✔ Reduce food waste
✔ Place orders to your food suppliers
✔ Optimize your plate costs
✔ Scan invoices with the snap of a picture

WISK beverage

✔ Scan your bottles
✔ Place automated orders in seconds
✔ Reclaim spillage costs
✔ Optimize your drink costs
✔ Access our database of 120K bottles